Jewelry Caring Information: Tips and Tricks

At Silkoh, we believe in sourcing quality metals and using high grade plating for our jewelry. However, even the best jewelry can experience normal wear and tear over time.

General Caring Tips For Jewelry

To extend the life of your jewelry, we recommend giving them occasional breaks and keeping them away from any moisture (or creams and other chemicals). Here are some tips to help maintain the quality and prevent early tarnish:

  • Avoid sweat.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Do not sleep in your jewelry.
  • Avoid chemical or cream contacts.
  • Keep in dust-proof bag when not in use.
  • Avoid bathing, showering, or washing your hands with jewelry on.
  • Wait for hand/face cream to dry before putting on any jewelry

ProTips for Maintaining Your Jewelry

Put your jewelry on last after getting ready and take it off first after a party to minimize wear and tear.

Your jewelry is delicate. Please do not twist it and do not use a twisting motion when opening or closing the clasp or the links may snap. If you twist it, this will be the reason why it snaps.

The prongs will loosen if the jewelry gets caught on clothing. If a prong gets too loose, the stone might fall out as the stone is handset into the prongs without glue.

Caring 925 Stirling Silver Jewelry

Following these simple steps can help maintain the quality and appearance of your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry for years to come.

  • Store your Sterling Silver in a dry and cool place, such as a jewelry box or airtight bag, to avoid moisture and humidity exposure.
  • Keep your Sterling Silver separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth to remove dirt, oils and tarnish.
  • Use a polishing cloth designed specifically for Sterling Silver to gently remove tarnish.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach or perfumes that can damage the metal and cause discoloration.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or engaging in any water activities.
  • Don't wear your jewelry while sleeping or exercising, as sweat and oils can cause tarnish and discoloration.
  • Store your Sterling Silver in a safe place when not in use, like a jewelry box or airtight bag, to avoid exposure to air and moisture.

If your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry oxidizes, you can easily get rid of the dark marks and tarnish with a polishing cloth.

Caring Moissanite Jewelry

Moissanite is a hard gemstone and can scratch other jewelry, so it's important to keep it in a separate compartment or jewelry box.

Avoid exposing your Moissanite jewelry to extreme temperatures. Moissanite can withstand high temperatures, but sudden changes in temperature can cause the gemstone to crack or break.

Have your Moissanite jewelry checked regularly by a professional jeweler. While Moissanite is durable, it is still possible for it to chip or scratch over time. A jeweler can check for any damage and make any necessary repairs.

Avoid wearing your Moissanite jewelry during activities like sports, gardening, or cleaning, as this can increase the risk of damage. While Moissanite is durable, it is not indestructible. 

Metal Sensitivity

Some individuals may experience sensitivity to certain types of metals, such as copper or brass. At, we offer high quality Platinum-plated 925 Stirling Silver Jewelry for those who are sensitive to brass/copper jewelry.

Pure 925 Sterling Silver jewelry may also be a better option for those who have experienced green tainting on their rings before, as it contains 92.5% sterling silver and 6.5% copper.

If you own a brass material jewelry: Apply a layer of polymer coating/clear nail varnish on the inside of your rings if you are sensitive to brass.

By following above tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your jewelry and keep it looking its best for years to come.

While we take great care in sourcing quality materials, we cannot take responsibility for any reactions that may occur due to individual allergies or sensitivities. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all precautions are taken, and we encourage customers to read our terms & conditions or contact our support team if they have any concerns or questions.