03 Ways To Measure Your Ring Size: FREE Printable Ring Sizer

Rings have been worn for thousands of years for a variety of reasons including love, status and power. Rings are frequently worn as engagement rings or wedding bands and mostly represent fashion or personal expression.

When you are thinking to buy the next best ring, the most important thing you need to know beforehand is how to find your ring size.

In this blog, we'll talk about how important it is to get the right size and the different ways you can figure out your ring size without the regular measuring tools.

Does Ring Size have to be Accurate?

Keep in mind that approximately 40% of rings end up being resized, so don't stress too much about getting the perfect size. By using these basic ring size guidelines, you should be able to get a rough estimate that's pretty close.

And if you don't get the exact correct size on the first try, don't worry try three to five times to get better results.

Why It's Important to Find the Right Ring Size

Finding the right ring size is very important because to enjoy rings like an engagement ring, you want your ring to be comfortable and fit properly.

A ring that is too tight can be uncomfortable and can even cause your finger to swell. A ring that is too loose can slip off or spin around on your finger.

In addition, resizing a ring can be a costly affair, so we always suggest our customers that it's important to get the size right the first time.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

There are many ways including DIY (Do It Yourself) you can use to measure your ring size. Feel free to choose any method depending on your preference and the things you have available at home.

1. Measure Your Finger with a Ring Sizer

 Using a ring sizer is a quick and easy way to determine your finger size for rings. A ring sizer is a handy little gadget made of metal or plastic that gauges how big your ring finger is. You can easily find on Amazon or at a local jewelry store.

traditional ring size checker

The ring sizer is quite easy to use. Just slide it onto your finger and readjust it until it fits snugly. Your ring size can be determined by the size of the ring sizer.

2. Measure Your Finger with a Piece of String

You can also use a string to determine your finger size if you don't have a ring sizer. Mark the point where the string is wrapped around your finger.

Measure Your Finger with a Piece of String

The length of string can then be determined using a ruler. If you know your ring size, you can calculate the length of the string.

3. Use a Ring Size Chart

 A ring sizing chart can also be helpful. You can find charts with ring sizes in both US and international measures online or at jewelry stores. A piece of string can be used to measure the finger's circumference, and the resulting length can be compared to the ring size chart.

You can also also download our printable ring sizer with size chart for DIY ring size check.


Whether you're shopping for an engagement ring, wedding band or just a beautiful piece of jewelry to add to your collection, it's important to find the right ring size. As we mentioned, almost 40% rings end up being resized so don't stress too much. Get it comfortably with more tries to ensure you get the same result every time.

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