Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pearl Earrings For Every Occasion

It could be challenging to find the perfect pair of pearl earrings. Particularly if you are unsure of what to look for. Earrings adorned with pearls have long been a favorite among women's jewelry. Earrings were a popular way for women to accessorize and express their personal style in bygone eras. Even in the modern day, pearl earrings remain one of the most sought-after items of jewelry.

However, it might be difficult and time-consuming to figure out how to choose pearl earrings. Any time you're shopping for pearl earrings—whether they're a gift for someone special or just something to adorn your ears—you should keep in mind that each pair is unique due to the many little characteristics that set them apart. The guide to choosing the best pearl earrings for every occasion is here!

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pearl Earrings For Every Occasion

Why Pearl Earrings?

Pearls have always been the ultimate accessory for women aiming to highlight their natural allure. Their unique charm lies in their delicate, sensual appeal. Opting for pearl earrings is a wise investment in timeless fashion. They're always in vogue, versatile, and complement any look. Suitable for all ages, skin tones, hairstyles, and sizes, pearl earrings have this magical ability to brighten your face and enhance any outfit.

What Pearl Size Should I Buy?

Since pearls are naturally occurring gems, there is a large variety in their sizes. When choosing pearl earrings, smaller pearls typically look more understated, according to current fashion. The approximate size of a small pair of pearl earrings is 6-7 mm. Individuals looking an elegant daytime accessory, young women or those with petite faces will find these to be the ideal choice.

“Classic pearls” are pearls that measure 7-8 mm in diameter. This classic pearl size is perfect for the office or any other formal event. These timeless freshwater pearl earrings will add a touch of understated glamour to any outfit without compromising comfort.

If you want to add a little glitz to your evening ensemble or formal events like galas and weddings, go for larger pearls measuring 8-9 mm and above.

What Pearl Size Should I Buy?

Pearl Earring Styles

Figuring out your budget is the first step. Then, dive into the world of earrings beyond the usual studs and hoops. Whether you're drawn to big, flashy motifs or a more understated, delicate look, you can choose from a variety of styles. Let's look at your choices.

Pearl Earring Styles

Pearl Stud Earrings- For women looking for a simple yet elegant item that can be worn with anything from jeans to short black dresses, pearl stud earrings are a timeless choice. Pearl studs fit any occasion and dress code because they are quite small.

Pearl Drop Earrings- The classic look of studs is given a modern twist with these pearl drop earrings. A pearl “drops” at the base of these earrings, which dangle just below the earlobe. You can wear drop-style earrings to a casual daytime function or dress them up for a formal evening out.

Dangle Pearl Earrings- Similar to drop earrings, dangle pearl earrings typically have a longer length. Dangle earrings with a single little pearl are a great choice for a subtle style. Choose a pair with multiple huge pearls to add glitz to an otherwise understated dress.

Chandelier Pearl Earrings- Elegant events like weddings and gala dinners call for exquisite accessories, and chandelier pearl earrings are just the thing. Their long chandelier-shaped drop gracefully falls below the ear, adding a touch of sophistication.

Climbers / Crawlers- Climbers and crawlers add a contemporary spin to traditional pearls. With just one piercing needed, these earrings “climb” up the ear lobe. Megan Markle's recent sightings in crawler earrings have further added to the style's already substantial fan base.

Hoop Earrings- Depending on their size and style, hoops earrings can be worn to formal, business, or social events. Choose little hoops earrings if you need to look professional; choose large hoops earrings if you want to be more laid back.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Pearl Earrings for Your Face Shape

Style, size, and color all play a significant role in how you choose the perfect pair for your face shape. Whether your face is square or round, the pair of pearl earrings you choose should draw attention to your best features and accentuate your inherent beauty. To assist you in choosing the best pearl earrings for your face shape, consider the following general principles. Additionally, consider if a pearl necklace is something you would like to wear as an accessory. Mixing and matching multiple styles can work well together.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Pearl Earrings for Your Face Shape


Round Shape- Round faces look their best with earring shapes that draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a thinner jawline. These earrings are known as drop pearls or dangling earrings. Keep your face from looking rounder by avoiding big pearl hoops or studs.

Oval Shape- Earrings in every possible style that complements this oval face. Yet, timeless pearl studs earring will draw the most attention to the inherent symmetry.

Square Shape– Pearl hoop earrings and classic pearl studs will highlight and soften a square face.

Diamond Shape- Pearl earring styles generally look good with diamond faces which are comparable to oval faces. However, you would look absolutely stunning in earrings with a striking pattern, such as dangling or chandeliers.

Triangle Shape- If you want to make your jawline look wider, try a pair of pearl chandelier or teardrop earrings.

Heart Shape- Long drop earrings that broaden at the bottom might add volume around your jawline if your face is wider at the top.

Pearl Colors for Everyone

White pearl earrings are undeniably timeless, but don't overlook the captivating array of colors available in pearls. Beyond the classic whites and creams, pearls shine in a rainbow of colors, like the deep allure of black, the softness of pastel pink and lavender, and the shimmer of gold. These colorful options provide a playful, contemporary twist to your style. So whether you're a fan of the iconic white or eager to infuse some color into your look, there's a pearl earring out there to suit every preference.

common freshwater pearl colorsPearl Colors for Everyone

Shop Pearl Earrings

So, when in doubt, opt for your fave pair of earrings—pearls are always a good choice. The pearl will always be by your side, whether you're feeling playful refined or exquisite and stylish. A woman's best qualities—confidence, brilliance, strength, grace and elegance—are simply symbolized by it. Rather than being just another piece of jewelry, pearl earrings have the power to make a one-of-a-kind fashion statement while also honoring femininity. Browse our collection today to discover the perfect pair for you.


Do pearl earrings suit everyone?

To find the pearl earrings that complement you best, consider the unique contours of your face—because the right style can enhance your natural features beautifully.

Do I have to wear pearl earrings with a pearl necklace?

Opt for a multi strand pearl necklace and pair it with simple earrings, like pearl studs, to create a balanced look. This guarantees that your jewelry won't overshadow your ensemble and gives you a more subtle look.

What do you pair with pearls?

Pearls stand out against deep hues like plum and hunter green, but nothing beats a little black dress accessorized with pearls. Wearing pearls with something white can give you an ethereal look.